How To Use Inshot Sound Effects for Free

Are you passionate about editing your captured footage to create videos by adding Sound effects? By and large, people use their cell phone to record almost all their moments. Once recorded, folks frequently utilize portable editing applications on Android to utilize music to appeal to moments. Here is how you can Add Inshot Sound Effects to your videos step b step.

Download Inshot Pro App

InShot Pro/Mod consists of four vivid features. That’s right, Download the latest version on Inshot Premium APK to enjoy enhanced features for free. Toss out that watermark for good and makes your videos stand-out and shine through with a premium transition effects.

Here is How Easily You can just Edit your Sound in InShot Apk

  • Visit Dashboard

  • Go To Edit Video

  • select a video which You want to Edit

  • Once Video Imported , Select a Trim Section Where u want to use Sound Effects

  • Select Music Icon From Function bar

  • Now You will Get 3 Options
  1. Tracks
  2. Effects
  3. Record

If you have your own created or downloaded sound effect video, you can use “Extract audio from Video” option to extract your audio from the video and to use it on another video. Alternatively, you can use “Import” to import your sound effect from various platforms.

Another best way to use Tracks is You can Use below Options Like “for You” “Beats” “festivals” You can just download that Tracks which you love


To Use Effect Option You have Some best ways,

You Can use your Imported Effects.

Use this option in InShot App to take advantage of options such as , bird’s voice , bells, weapons , and more. It’s easy to use this option to make interesting video effects.

There is a favourite Feature Added By Inshot Pro You can use That as well.


You can Record your Voice Using Record Option In Inshot APk

You can watch this video for more assistance.