How to Use InShot Pro App (A Step by Step Guide 2022)

By | June 12, 2022

InShot Pro App is one of the coolest editing applications for Android and iOS devices. You can use it for free for photo and video editing. The app comes with multiple features such as cutting, merging, splitting and adding music as a background. This program offers a simple and easy interface for users. Every newbie can use it easily.

How to Use the InShot Pro App for Photo and Video Editing (Ultimate Guide)?

1-How to Add Photos and Videos

  • First, open the InShot Pro app, and you will see three more options on the main screen: Video, Photo, and Collage. Use the Video option if you want to edit videos, or click on Photo if you want to edit a photo.
  • After tapping on a video, press the new button to create a project.
  • Select the clips of a video that you want to appear on a screen.

2-Import more videos or photos

After adding the initial clips, you can add more clips by tapping on the + icon, which is located on the left side of the timeline.

3-How to Rearrange the Clips

You can arrange all the video clips as you wish. Simply, touch and hold the video clip and drag its thumbnail to the new position.

4- How to Zoom in and out

A pinch gesture on the timeline allows you to zoom in and out of the clips. In this way, you can easily preview a specific video clip.

5-How to Delete a Clip

If you want to delete a specific video clip, click on it. You will see a white bar around that specifically selected clip. Now, tap on the delete tool located at the bottom.

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6- Apply Effects

If you want to apply an effect to a single video clip, press the single checkmark icon. But if you want to apply that effect to all the clips, press the double checkmark icon instead of the single.

7- Change Background

If your video has a white background, click on the background tool in Inshot Pro App and fill it with your desired color or blur effect. iPhone users will find the background option inside the Canvas tool. Select the desired color from the provided options.

8- Crop a Video

For that, click on the crop tool and customize the specific area of a video with the slider. Some portions of the video will be deleted.

9- Add Music to Video

InShot Video Editor offers different ways to add music to your video. You can select music from the inbuilt music library of the app or also import a song from your device. Click on the music tool and select the desired option from the tracks, effects, and records.

10- Adding Stickers and Emojis

The sticker tool allows you to add stickers, emojis, and GIFs to your content. You can also add a PNG image with a watermark. The gallery icon will open after clicking on the sticker tool. Hit the Add button and choose the image.

11- How to Customize Text

When you press the text icon in Inshot Pro App, you will see color, opacity, font styles, and text alignment. By using all these options, you will customize the text, which may be in the form of a subtitle or quote.

12- Add Filter

By tapping the Filter option, you will find a further three options: Filter, Effects, and Adjust. Choose the Filter option and add any kind of lighting you want to add to your video. Different color options are available, such as natural, bright, dark shades, highlights, and curves.

13- Save Video

Once you are done with the editing process, choose a high resolution, such as 480p, 720p, or 1080p, and save the video. This video will be moved to your phone’s gallery.

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