How to Edit Videos in InShot Pro App (Step by Step Guide 2022)

By | June 12, 2022

InShot Pro App is an impressive video and photo editing application for Android as well as iOS devices. In the present time of social media, creating videos and editing them becomes a fun activity. InShot Video editor allows you to customize a video from every perspective. The app lets you cut, trim, split, merge, add some musical background, and more. If you are a beginner, this ultimate guide helps you how to edit videos in the InShot Pro app.

How to edit videos in InShot Pro Video Editor?

First, open the app and select a video you want to edit. After that, you can use the different provided tools of the app.

1-How to Trim videos?

  • First, select the scissor icon.
  • Now, adjust the slider and focus on that portion of the video you want to trim
  • Finish it by clicking on the checkmark located on the right side of the screen

2-How to Split Videos?

  • First, click on the “split” icon
  • Now, move the red-dotted white bar back and forth on the clip of the video that you want to split
  • Next, click on the checkmark and finish it

3-How to Merge videos?

  • Simply, select the videos you want to merge and import them
  • Now, click on the + icon located on the lower left side of the screen
  • Congratulation, selected videos have been merged

4-Choose Filters

There are lots of filters available in the InShot Pro app. Under filter, you will see three more options: Effect, Filter, and Adjust. Click on the filter option and choose colors such as bright, natural, dark shades, and more. Other choices are also present. Some are free and some are paid. In this way, you can customize your video’s lightness, saturation, contrast, and warmth.

5- Add Text

The text explains the real meaning of a video. If you want to add some random text or quote, select the text option. This option will give you different font styles, colors, borders, and text animation. You can also customize the text by changing the duration, position, and keyframes.

6-How to Add PIP (Picture-in-Picture)?

This option allows you to display another small version of content on your video. Simply, select the PIP option and choose the video you want to show. Different tools are also available in the InShot Pro app for performing edits on the PIP such as Chroma, Blend, Mask, and Cutout.

7- Adding Stickers and Mosaic

Simply, go to the stickers option and find emojis, GIFs, and other illustrations. You can also use another option called “Mosaic” for blurring sensitive information.

8-How to adjust a Video Speed?

  • Click on the speed option
  • Then select “standard control”.
  • When you slide the dot left, it will decrease the video speed, and when sliding right, it will increase the playback speed.

9- Apply Effects

InShot Pro Video Editor offers multiple effects to make your project more stunning. Tap on the filter icon, you will find three more options: Effect, Filter, and Adjust. Most of the effects are available such as visual, transition, and animation effects. In this way, you can make the standard performance. You can also add sound effects in Inshot Pro app.

10-How to Remove Watermark for Free?

If you want to remove InShot Watermark for free, you need to watch the video advertisement. But if you use the Pro version of the InShot, locate the watermark and press the X.

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Edit Videos with InShot for Social Media

I hope this guide will help you edit videos with the InShot Pro App. Video editing becomes a simple and easy process with the InShot video editor. You can use it to edit videos for social media such as Instagram reels, YouTube, Facebook stories, and many more.

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