How to Edit Photo in the InShot Pro App? [Easy Steps]

By | June 12, 2022

The InShot Pro App is a feature-rich editing application for Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to use all the editing options for photo enhancement. InShot lets you trim, split, merge, and apply filters. The editing application offers a simple and easy interface for beginners. If you want to make your project more playful, try to use effects, filters, emojis, GIFs, text, and stickers. The InShot video editor provides more than 1000 stickers. In this article, we will provide you with the ultimate guide on how to edit photos in the InShot Pro App.

How to Edit Photo in the InShot Pro Photo Editor (Ultimate Guide)

1-Adding a Photo

First, open the app and upload your favorite image from your device. After that, you can leave the photo with a 1:1 orientation. This orientation will blur your photo on either side. Now, you will see the editing options for a video or photo. You can crop it, trim it, and add background visual effects. The InShot Pro photo editor provides all the tools that are sufficient for making your project more stunning and playful.

2-Add Background Music and Sound Effects

Once you have done basic edits to a photo or video, the next screen allows you to add music and sound effects. You can import your favorite song from your device or also choose from the musical library of InShot Pro. The app also provides options on how to control the volume and intensity of the music.

3-Add Text

After adding music and sound effects to a photo or video, the next screen prompts you to add different text layers. You can write your subtitle text or quote with different font styles and color schemes. The InShot Pro photo editor also allows you to customize the position of a text. In this way, you can get the proper placement of your subtitle or quote.

4- Add Animations and Stickers

More than 1000 stickers are available in the app. The app lets you use animated GIFs and emojis. Animations and stickers add endless imagination to your project.

5-Applying Filters and Effects

InShot Pro App offers multiple filters and effects and also allows you to customize them. Tap on the filter icon and you will find three other options filter, effect, and adjust. Many of the effects are available, such as visuals and transitions. Multiple filters are present and allow you to make proper adjustments like light, contrast, saturation, and warmth in a video or photo.

6-Select the Best Resolution

InShot Pro allows users to save their videos or photos in high-quality formats such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, and PNG. But when you select one of these resolutions for your video or photo, you will face the problem of a watermark. The InShot Pro app also provides the option to learn how to remove watermarks for free.

7-Save and Share

After finishing editing a video or photo, simply click on the Save button. Then the rendering process will occur for a few minutes. Once you have finished the rendering and conversion processes, the video will be saved in your InShot gallery. The app provides different social media sharing options such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others. You can also use hashtags, which are provided in the app. You can also edit videos in Inshot Pro App.

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Final Thoughts

InShot Pro App offers lots of features for photo and video editing. Once you have mastered how to edit photos or videos in the inShot Pro app, you can design anything from simple to professional. Simply, select a photo or video and apply all the provided features of the app, such as filters, effects, adding music background, and many more, for the enhancement of the content.

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