How to Edit a Video in InShot Pro? (A Detailed Guide 2022)

By | June 12, 2022

InShot Pro is a powerful video editing app that lets you add text, filters, and effects to your videos. Learn how to edit a video with InShot Pro in this guide.

Are you passionate about editing your captured videos to enhance moments by adding special effects?  By and large, folk capture their moments on android devices and try to edit on cell phones. There is multiple video editing software available on the google play store which are usually used to create or edit videos.  

Unfortunately, folk is bound to use software available in the market which doesn’t fulfill their requirements. Some tools are quite difficult to use and in some apps, required tools are locked in free versions.


As we all know that video editing is time-consuming. Most folk love to create vlogs and to make their content more valuable they need an editing app to upgrade their video. 

Give a professional touch to your videos by using Free HD Video Editor- Inshot. Powerful Video Editing app with all features trim & cut video, blur background, and music transition effects, etc. 

Inshot Pro seems to be on the top-grossing video editing software. It helps you to create and edit videos with ease for youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. It also provides the feature of a slideshow maker.

Inshot pro is the Top choice to enhance your content videos professionally. 

How to Edit Video in Inshot Pro Apk?

To create or edit venerable videos Inshot Pro video editor is the best tool. 

Download Inshot App

                Navigate to your app store and download the Inshot app for free. It is available for both IOS and Android cell phones.

Import/Upload Video From Album

Once downloading has been done, open the Inshot App. First of all, you’ve to allow InShot to access photos, media, and files on your device. It will take you to your gallery. To test out the app you can select any video. Click on the green tick that appeared on the right bottom to select the video. A tutorial popup will appear and click on the next to edit video. 

You can crop or trim your uploaded video. Moreover, you can add multiple backgrounds & sound effects. 

Add Sound Effects /Music

Once you’ve done basic editing you can add music to it. To add music click on the Music Icon located at the bottom of the video. A new screen will appear. You can add audio, music, or sound effects by following these steps.

Add Music from Track

If you want to add music tracks from your cell phone you can click on the first option named “Track”. By clicking on the Track option it will give you further soundtracks you can select your favorite one. Or if you want to add another video track you can simply click on the “Extract Audio From Video” button. It will access and list all the videos from your cell phone.

Add Effects

You can add different sound effects. Click on the Effects option. There will be multiple trending sound effects you can click on any and can add your favorite effect. 

Record Audio

If you want to voice over you can add your voice in two ways. The first one is you can record your audio and import your audio. The other one is quite easy. You can add direct audio when edit video in Inshot pro. Click on the “Record” button. To start voiceover your voice you’ve to allow access to Inshot to record audio. Once you click on allow it will start recording after the countdown. You can stop, undo or cancel it any time. 

Add Text 

Click on “Text Icon” to add text on the imported video. Before this select the part of the video from where you want to start writing. 

The text bar will appear by clicking on the test icon. You can write any text there. You’ll notice the text bar also appears on the video screen. You can drag or rotate the text by clicking on an arrow.  Once you are done writing you can edit text color, font style, alignment, transparency, padding, etc, 

Add Sticker & Emojis

To make your video funny or more special you can add multiple stickers or emojis. Click on the  “Sticker” option in the setting bar, a new screen with frequent emojis. You can add any sticker by clicking on it. You can resize, edit or rotate your selected sticker. Moreover, you can add Gif to your video. 

Select High Resolution 

While editing videos from the cell phone high-quality video resolution is the biggest challenge. In this app, you can select a resolution according to your requirements. You can save your edited video in 480p, 720p, 1080p. However, 1080p is the most recommended. 

Save & Share

After editing video in Inshot Pro you can save it by clicking on the “Save button” located on the top right corner of your screen. You can select resolution and frames while saving. Hit on save, the rendering process will start which will take some time. Once the process is completed video will be saved on your phone automatically. You can share your video directly on different social media apps.